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This is the Privacy Policy for Transaction

Transaction cares deeply about user privacy and strives to give you a secure experience. This Privacy Policy details the collection of data in our application, kindly make sure to go through it before usage.

We hereby declare that the app Transaction does not collect or transmit any of the user's data off the users own device. This app works solely on offline storage of the data entered on the user's phone itself.

Data Recordeded:

Transaction does not knowingly or intentionally collect your First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone or any Addresses. The data recordeded by the application might include:

  • Information related to your finances, payments you make  (including dates).

  • Information related to the currency used by you.

  • First Names and/or Last Names of people in your contacts.

  • Information related to the finances of the people in your contacts (including dates).

Please note that other than this, Transaction does not intentionally or knowingly collect or record any personally identifiable data from its users.

We also hereby declare that Transaction does not share any personal information, aforementioned or otherwise, with any third-party for any purpose.

Any changes to this privacy policy will be uploaded on this site itself. It is advisable to regularly look out for any updates. This policy was last updated on June 01, 2021.

By using the Transaction application, you provide consent to Transaction for the aforementioned practices and hereby agree to this Privacy Policy. For further assistance email at:

Transaction Privacy Policy: About
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